Holistic Plastic Surgery

Dr Rajapakse is a leading Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgeon with a particular interest in treating patients on a holistic level to gain optimum results.

On a holistic level Dr Rajapakse is a keen practitioner of meditation and yoga and believes that in a similar manner, recovery from an operation is a mindset and looking good is very much a function of feeling great . He not only practices quality surgery but he also puts a huge emphasis on exercise, diet reduction in smoking and proper skin care as well as encourageing patients spiritually, so that they feel connected to something larger than themselves to connect to their own understanding of beauty and how their own changes will affect their health and appearances.

Holistic plastic surgeons perform the same treatments and use the same products and injectables as regular plastic surgeons.

With a holistic approach to plastic surgery there is also an emphasis on pre and post operative wellness to prepare their patients physically, mentally, and nutritionally for surgery.

It often goes beyond changing your looks to encompass wellness in the context of healing. There are multiple facets of wellness, ie the physical, psychological, spiritual and environmental components, all which help the individual to determine their own sense of wellbeing.

While most good surgeons make pre-operation recommendations for patients to see therapists, trainers, nutritionists, and the like, not all of them explain WHY and HOW these things will help their clients. Education makes someone more likely to follow through, and builds greater trust between doctor and patient.

Diet and exercise play a big role as well. Eating well both boosts immunity and hastens post operative surgical recovery. We are learning much more about how the gut plays an integral part in all aspects of the bodies regulation. In an age where we eat so many processed foods, with artificial preservatives and toxins, it is sometimes necessary for the body to have regular detox cleansing. Exercise is also potent treatment in its self. Not only does it help with weight loss and better body image the psychological benefits from the natural endorphins released from exercise contribute greatly in the overall picture of wellness. Another important behavioral modification is smoking. One cigarette from the toxins from nicotine and tobacco can counter the effects of many surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Finally we live in a country where there is a huge amount of UV exposure. Adequate skin care and protection is paramount in helping the client achieve their goals.

Many holistic surgeons believe there are benefits in certain situations to combine Eastern and Western medicine. Some surgeons use less conventional treatments such as reiki (energy healing), acupuncture, homeopathy, mesotherapy (a non-surgical cosmetic medicinal treatment popular in France), and manual lymphatic drainage massage to speeds recovery and lessens swelling post-surgery.

Holistic surgeons strive to improve every patient’s quality of health and wellbeing. There are many psychological factors that impact the results of a treatment beside the surgery alone. If not addressed, these psychological issues can cause a patient to be dissatisfied with the most beautiful and perfect surgery. From a holistic viewpoint looking carefully at the patients inner journey can be vital for long term self esteem and body.

Beauty is still part of health and wellness. Everything in the body is connected with each other and just because one part of the body is operated on, the whole body experiences it.