Patient FAQs

Do I need a referral?

If you want to claim a medicare rebate on your consultation treatment (if applicable) a referral is needed. Hospital cover with a private health insurer is recommended to offset any cost of hospital admission.

All skin cancer patients will need a referral from their GP and preferably a skin punch biopsy.

Who performs the surgery?

All surgery is performed only by Dr Rajapakse.

Where is the surgery performed?

All operative surgery is performed at accredited and leading private hospitals and day surgeries. Dr Rajapakse is accredited at Hunters Hill Private, Prince of Wales Private, East Sydney private, North Shore Private Hospital, North Shore Day surgery and many other facilities.

The initial consultation

Our aim is to provide you with an informative, positive experience and hope to answer any questions or queries that you may have. After your first visit with Dr Rajapakse our goal is to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision about your procedure.

Once you booking is confirmed you may want to enter your details on the patient registration form which may save a few minutes filling this form when you come in.

If you would like to download a new patient registration form before consultation click here


Dr Rajapakse will carefully listen to find out more about your needs and desires. If necessary we may take some photos to help our treatment plan.

With any planned surgery, especially aesthetic, Dr Rajapakse suggests waiting a short while before going ahead with surgery. We are happy to offer any follow up visits to help with your decision to go ahead.

Preparation for surgery

It is very important that you mention to Dr Rajapakse all the medications you are currently taking; even health supplements as they can interfere with bleeding and wound healing. It is important to avoid smoking (Dr Rajapakse has a policy no smoking for atleast 6 weeks pre and post op) and any anti- inflammatory medication (aspirin, nurofen, naprogesic, indocid etc) prior to surgery.

Post Surgery

Dr Rajapakse and his staff will organize one or more follow up reviews to check how your recovery is going. You are also available at any time to call or email our staff if there is any concern.


Dr Rajapakse generally follows the recommended guidelines set out by the AMA.

Consultation Fees

Initial consultation $200

Initial cosmetic surgery consultation $250

This consultation can range from 15- 45 minutes

Medicare Rebate (if applicable with doctors referral) $72.75

A medicare rebate may be applicable where a medicare item number is allowed. This may be the case with certain surgeries ie Breast reduction, Abdominoplasty and Rhinoplasty.

Subsequent Consultation $100

We provide complimentary follow up in the first 6 weeks post operatively

Cost of Surgery

The cost of the surgery is determined by

  • Dr Rajapakse’s Fee
  • The anesthetist’s Fee
  • The hospital or day surgery fee
  • Pathology (if applicable)
  • Cost of medical device/ Implant (if Applicable)

Surgical Fees

Privately insured patients should check with their health fund what they will cover.

In general most health funds will cover the cost of the hospital admission (an excess may apply)

The health fund will generally cover part of the surgeon’s fee. The remainder the “gap” covers the cost of providing specialist healthcare that Medicare and the private insurance rebates do not cover

Cosmetic procedure do not have a rebate from medicare or the private health fund.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss any questions you have.