The difference between Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic Surgery has been practiced for over 2000 years with the first described cases by an ancient Indian physician call Sushrata who devised a technique now developed into the “forehead flap” for nasal reconstruction. The term Plastic Surgery was derived from the ancient Greek work “ Plastikos”- which means to form and mould.

Plastic surgery is based on form and function. Technical skills and knowledge, clinical judgemnent and ethics are critical components of a great surgical outcome.

In the last century there has been a great interest in aesthetics and improving one’s beauty. Plastic surgery is commonly used to refer to cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast implant and facelift surgery. Whilst this is true, the breadth of plastic surgery includes reconstructive surgery to improve and modify body defects cased by birth defects, trauma and cancer excision. In aesthetic or cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and principles are applie to enhance and restore the natural appearance of the body.

All Plastic Surgeons are trained in Plastic Surgery which includes Cosmetic and Reconstructive procedures but not all Cosmetic surgeons are trained or qualified in Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery evolved out of the reconstructive surgery experience. Disfigured soldiers from world war one stimulated interest in reconstructive surgical techniques and advances not only improved function , but also cosmetic appearance. From this cosmetic surgery was born from the desire for patients to improve only their cosmetic appearance.